Sudio Earphones

You may recognise Sudio headphones from a post I did ages ago, in case you've forgotten Sudio are a Scandinavian brand from Stockholm. 

Sudio love to promote their 'Scandi' roots and keep to a minimalistic design across all of their collections. I am a big fan of anything Scandanavian.



A quote from the founder.. ‘We too were inspired by its vibrance and wanted to embrace our Swedish heritage while creating the Sudio brand. In the same way it has propelled other companies to achieve incredible success, we believe remaining true to our Scandinavian roots has helped us get to where we are today.’

I was wavering between whether to get the black headphones or the white ones, it was a continuous internal battle in my head until I reached the For those out there who read my blog and have a blog of their own, you will notice the MARBLE, yes MARBLE print on the side of the headphones, I nearly fainted when I saw this, as everyone well knows I have a mildly unhealthy obsession with marble.  

So what's so great about these head phones? Let me enlighten you..

1. The marble detail on the side....obvs

2. They have a premium feel to them

3. Real leather detailing

4. Very comfortable and adjustable according to your head size

5. Wireless, they run off Bluetooth so you can connect to your iphone (great when you are in the gym!)

6. Range of ten meters 

7. Compatible foldable design 

These headphones have changed the way I gym & the way I commute into work, I no longer require a wire to connect my headphones to my phone, however, if you would prefer to still use a wire, they provide a wire in the box when you purchase the headphones.


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Buy Sudio Headphones here