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I often get asked 'how do you stay motivated' and the truth is, it really does come within. You have to want to stay fit, want to stay motivated and want to eat healthy, if it's proving to be a struggle than you're doing something wrong.

When I say you are doing something wrong I mean you are doing 1 of the following...

1. You're not eating what you should be in order to hit your goals

2. You're attempting to stick to unrealistic goals or unrealistic diets, eating celery won't get you a booty... FYI

3. You are not keeping active and exploring new ways to stay motivated.


My motivation has slacked in the last few weeks and that is down to two earphones broke..and my Pinterest app disappeared off of my phone, those are undoubtedly 2 critical things you need to stay motivated (in my eyes anyway)- good music & visual inspiration! Read on to find out why...


OPPO Earphones

Like most of us I was using my Apple head phones, you know, the one that comes free with your iphone when you first get it? I quickly outgrew these the more I invested in going to the gym. I started searching for a great headphone set that 1. gave incredible sound and 2. didn't make your ears ache after 30 minutes, so I ended up getting a pair of OPPO headphones, which ended up being a complete game changer for me. 

Benefits of OPPO Headphones-

-Super comfortable 

-Lightweight & stylish


-Incredible sound

Having used many different types of headphones over the years, I think OPPO have to be the most stylish. I got the white OPPO-PM-3 ones, as I love anything white, I was however concerned they might look yellow after a few weeks but as OPPO use real leather instead of synthetic my headphones have stayed white since I got them a month ago. You can also wear these all day with no earache like my previous headphones which is great especially for a city girl on the go all the time like myself!

OPPO also uses 'Planar Magnetic Sound' don't worry I know what you're thinking, I thought it too, These headphones work on a similar principle to dynamic driver headphones: using the interaction of two magnetic fields to cause motion. However, instead of moving the voice coil, pulling the diaphragm in and out from one ring within the driver, here the charged part is spread across the driver, which is a thin, largely flat film.
By doing this the headphones provide the highest quality sound resulting in sound isolation from the outside, so all you can hear is what is played through the headphones at a very high qaulity, bascially....they're amazing. 



Pinterest is one of my most used apps on my phone. Why? Because it sources visual inspiration from all over the globe. You can make multiple mood boards with it, I often do this for upcoming shoots, recipe inspiration for dinner parties, homeware inspiration & of course street style inspiration for outfits I want to create. 

Pinterest is also a great tool to use for your business or blog to drive traffic towards your website. I often find brands on Pinterest which I never even knew existed, I now promote my bogposts on it and my YouTube videos and have seen a significant lift in traffic.



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