Blog Update - What Have I Been Up Too?

Hi guys,

So I just wanted to give you a quick update on what's going on right now with the blog. There are SO many platforms now I feel like my journey can get lost in translation a little so I wanted to summarise all the exciting current projects I am working on at the moment to keep you up to date, read on...


Paris Fashion Week

I am going on my first ever brand trip with Les Georgettes a small jewellery brand from France,  they are taking me and a selection of other bloggers and well known journalists to Paris for the weekend which I am UBER excited about, we are staying in central Paris and will be visiting the Les Georgettes HQ to meet their team and create our own jewellery. On Thursday I will be attending the L'Oreal x Balmain party with Karla Lotto PR, I am ridiculously excited about this and I can't wait to wear my dress I was kindly gifted by Barrus. 


Sheerluxe Instagram Takeover

In October, I will be taking over the Sheerluxe Instagram, which is amazing! I have followed and been subscribed to them for years now, if you don't know who they are, get to know! Click here to check out their website, they are an online womans magazine, you will be hooked as soon as you read one article. 


Sheerluxe Entreprenuers Day 

I went to the Sheerluxe Entrepreneurs Day and listened to lots of successful business woman talk about how they run their business, if you are interested in running your own blog or business watch the video below. 


Victoria Secret

I think this brand is every bloggers dream brand to work with, when I had the email come through I was literally ecstatic about the idea of working with them. So, on Wednesday I am visiting Victoria Secret to try on a few bits to keep in order to shoot, I will keep you posted on my on going projects with them, but I won't reveal too much ;)