6 Tips On How To Get The Best Nights Sleep

Lately, I have been having some sleepless nights for one reason or another. So, I thought with Winter fast approaching I wanted to do some research into how to get a better nights sleep. It was only the other day when I changed my sheets that I realised how much of an affect it had on my nights sleep, which urged me to look into other ways to improve my sleeping pattern.

Did you know humans need 8 hours of sleep a night to function? The new iphone IOS ensures this can happen, if you go onto the clock app and select how many hours of sleep you desire a night, it notifies you when 'bed time' is, almost like a digital Mother, ha!


Benefits of sleep

- Improves your memory

- You live longer

- Sharpens your attention

- Helps maintain a healthy weight  

- Lowers stress levels 


So, here it goes..

  • Change your sheets

  • Look after your skin

  • Wear an eye mask

  • Listen to the Head Space meditation app

  • Have a hot bath with essential oils before bed

  • Invest in a sleep spray