3 New Years Resolutions Everyone Should Have

I used to think New Years Resolutions were just a bit of a gimmick, I also think it's unrealistic to try and cut something out or pursue something you don't do frequently for a whole year, I find it much more satifsying if you look at it as an introduction to your life, a bonus, something that enhances your life not hinders it.

So forget the whole 'New Year new me' fad.. try and think about your New Years Resolutions as something that will be long term, so that next year you can add on more resolutions to your life, and the next year add on more, until eventually you create the life you love.

'Create the life you love'

There are 3 things I think everyone should be doing in order to have a happy, healthy lifestyle, so I thought I would note them down for you.  Try these 3 things in 2017 and I guarantee you your life will run a lot smoother and you will be a lot happier. Work harder, Stress less, Love more- simples. 


1. Start going to the gym

I know, I know, snore right? Every year everyone rants on about how they're 'actually' going to try and improve their fitness. This year, do things a little differently. Invest in a more premium gym, so that you actually enjoy going, when I used to go to Virgin Active I would always take advantage of the sauna/steam room and pool so that I felt like I was giving myself a treat at the end, almost like a spa day..kind of.  Educate yourself on work outs so that it's not such a daunting experience, follow some fitness instagrammers for tips and tricks, do what you gotta do, but stick at it! The gym is not only good for your body it's good for the mind and will help keep you on a more possitive path in life.


2. Change your diet

Diet contributes to 70% of weightloss and the gym is 30%. So, first of all, get out of the habit buying from Pret, Eat or Starbucks on your lunch break. Get up off the sofa and do a well planned healthy food shop on a Sunday, buy healthy snacks and lunches for your week ahead, planning is key to a good diet. Again, follow some fitness instagrammers and get some meal inspo from @clean_eating_alice who is definitely my favourite fitness instagrammer at the moment. 


3. Spend more time with family & friends 

Invest more into your friendships and your family, they are the most important people in your life and who you surround yourself with is extremely important in life. I can get caught up with work sometimes having such a hectic lifestyle I and don't leave enough time to spend with family & friends, but this year will be different, bring on 2017.