3 Simple Ways To Help Relax The Mind, Body and Soul

I used to laugh at the whole 'love yourself first' rule and it wasn't until this month I realised the importance of this rule. Loving yourself is one of the first things I have learnt in my twenties to do if you want to be successful...at anything! If you are not happy with yourself how can you expect others to warm to you? Loving yourself can improve friendships, work relationships, love life and and other aspects of your life so get your head down and look at ways to improve your confidence. Start getting monthly pedicures, massages, or do a self-indulgent shopping splurge. Our twenties are the only time we are allowed to be selfish so soak it up while you can, you are your own boss. 


1. Treat Yourself To A Candle

Candles are not only for gifting, for once, why don't you gift yourself! Go on you deserve it.. a candle can do wonders to your mood and really calm you down after a hard days work. I LOVE my new floral marble candle from Amara, the smell fills my whole house with subtle floral scents. Being a typical blogger I was instantly drawn to this candle for it's gorgeous marble casing (gotta love the marble) but the scent is just as gorgeous as the pot that holds the wax. If you haven't heard of Amara please check out their website it's heaven for homewares addict like myself!


2. Indulge In Some Luxury Skincare

Don't just treat yourself, treat your face! If I have ever had a bad day, all I do is crave a hot bath so I can wallow in it for hours dipping my paws into different pots of skincare to make sure my skin maintains its glowing complexion. It also hydrates the skin and helps reduce break outs or redness. Looking after your skin has multiple benefits, and if your mid twenties like myself you should really start investing in some good skincare to prevent ageing. I currently use Chantecaille skincare, it is 100% the best skincare I have ever used, nothing beats it, and I mean nothing. The brand is all natural, pure, organic and has a beautiful story to it- read more about it here. Chantecaille can be purchased from Space NK, Harrods, Libertys, Fortnum & Mason and Fenwick they are also sold online at any of those retailers and Look Fantastic.


3. Buy Some Flowers For Your Room

I am a true believer that flowers can lift your mood, whether they are bought for you or bought for yourself your home should always be filled with flowers. A study conducted by Jeanette Haviland-Jones of Rutgers University in New Jersey found that those in a florally scented room used three times as many happiness-related words when they were asked to write about three life events than those in a room filled with fragrance such as Chanel No.5 or non-scented air.