Afternoon Tea & The Rosebery Lounge

Last weekend I had the pleasure of visiting The Rosebery Lounge, a gorgeous Afternoon Tea spot tucked away in the charming Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Knightsbridge. Myself and Iona (my photographer) arrived and straight away the lovely door men outside helped us with our bags up the stairs and into the hotel, we had every door we stepped through opened for us, and I can honestly say we were treated like royalty from start to finish. The hotel was absolutely stunning, the floors and walls were a rich blood orange marble, any blogger would agree that marble is definitely a desired interior never mind an iPhone case.. 


We were lead into The Rosebery Lounge where the ceilings were high and the smell of fresh scones oozed from the kitchen. I know it sounds silly but I am always that customer in a restaurant that gets fussy about where I sit, it can really affect your experience in a restaurant (in my opinion) that being said, we were sat in front of a huge window on looking knightsbridge in the comfiest green velvet arm chairs, I felt like we'd accidentally stepped into a Disney book was so charming.


The waiter alerted us that our Afternoon Tea was on its way and brought over a metal tree and placed it by our table, now this was my favourite part..the Afternoon Tea came out and was hung on one of the tree branches as if it were a bird cage- it was quiet exquisite. 


Before we knew it we were sipping on Champagne and tucking into all sorts of cakes, scones and sandwiches leading ourselves into a comfortable slouch. We grazed for about 2 1/2 hours, because we quiet frankly didn't want to leave! The service was exceptional, the staff made you feel like you were being looked after and if there was anything you needed they were only an eye glance away. I visited the Ritz with my family last Christmas and I have to say The Rosebery over exceeded my expectations and out did The Ritz by a mile, just when I thought I had experienced the best.. I was pleasantly proven wrong. 



Click here to visit The Rosebery

To book a table ring 020 7201 3828