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After reading about Kim Kardashian and all these other celebrities promoting female power and body confidence I decided to jump on the band wagon and join in (why not eh). Now, me and the gym have had an on off relationship for quiet some time, it's fiery one minute and dead the next but either way we always manage to sustain healthy relationship through out the year. 


I always make the conscious effort to eat well and sleep well, after all your body really is a temple and as good old Gillian McKieth always preaches 'you are what you eat'. That being said, I have started using a meal replacement shake called 'Cute' which is a female weight loss programme specifically for girls. There are 3 flavours Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla, and of course being a loyal chocolate milk lover I chose Chocolate.

I have tried several meal replacement shakes before, usually leading up to holidays when I'm in the post two week panic, (we've all been there). However, the ones I have previously tried were bland, flavourless and quiet frankly disgusting so it made every meal time a chore, I can safely say this is not the case with Cute meal replacement shakes. My chocolate one tastes amazing and I actually look forward to drinking it. I have been using them for two weeks now and can really tell the difference, keep following me on instagram for more updates! Cute don't just do shakes they also do Teas and Supplements so make sure you have a good look on the website!


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