London Boutique Gyms

If you're reading this and you're a girl, you know as well as I do that going to the gym is a total chore, the struggle is real! Well ladies, I think I may have found the key to staying motivated. Going to the gym, like I stated in one of my previous blog posts can actually be a luxury if you go to the right place, don't believe me?

Try one of these 5 boutique gyms I have hand selected for you in London!

Each session is about £20 but it's so worth while! The session is usually a hit session of some sort, with a high intensity routine and an enthusiastic gym instructor, I actually see it as a personal training session but 3 times cheaper and you're in a group. 

Benefits of going too a boutique gym session;

1. Money- You've already paid your £20, so theres no bailing or you loose your money. Think of it as a small deposit for getting your VS Summer bod. 

2. You actually SWEAT- The Session is usually high intensity, it's fast and painless...just like ripping off a plaster...sort of. 

3. It's FUN- Yes, I did just type that..the sessions are full of booming music and your adrenaline is pumping, you may as well be on a night out except your losing weight!

3. Get changed in luxury- all of the gyms in the slide show above have stunning changing rooms with all your essentials to get ready for your day/evening, forget your hair straighteners/hair dryers- they've got it all covered from deodorants to skincare to nail care!

4. The End - All of the studios have smoothie bars/health cafes where you can pre-order your protein shake for after, they have the most delicious menus!


So go on..whats your poison?




Hit Session