Godiva Chocolates 90th Birthday Bash



As a self-confessed Chocoholic I am not only on a mission to taste all of the world's finest chocolate offerings, but I am genuinely interested in the craftsmanship of chocolate and the different ways in which you can taste it, funny enough you can taste chocolate through more than one sense, as Godiva taught me last week!

I was cordially invited to Godiva's 90th Anniversary party at the Haymarket Hotel in Soho. If you haven't heard of Godiva, it is a luxury Belgium chocolate company founded by Joseph Draps in 1926. My mothers favourite chocolate has always been Godiva, which is how I know the brand well, when I was younger I always remember making my way to Selfridges every Christmas to hand select all her favourites into a gold box with a red ribbon on! It was a fond memory from my childhood that will probably stay with me forever. 

When we first entered the event it was buzzing full of press, bloggers and other media. As we arrived the room was oozing with different chocolate offerings, and the smell was quite overwhelming.  My senses were having a small party at that point, to say the least. Ironically the focus for the evening was all about tasting chocolate through more than one sense, so this time 'they' were in for a treat! 


I will be honest I was a little sceptical when I sat down in front of a bowl of green petals that had pistachio infused oil embedded into them, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that by eating a pistachio flavoured chocolate and sniffing the green petals it significantly enhanced the flavour of pistachios in the chocolate! 

There were multiple chocolate tasting stations to try out so off we went table surfing between them on a path of discovery. My favourite part of the evening (aside from the indulgent chocolate strawberries & glass of champagne that greeted me at the door) was definitely when we were asked to smell coffee at the same time as eating a truffle to see if it enhanced the flavour, I absolutely love coffee so at this point I'd peaked! 

The evening was extremely enjoyable, and as a long-serving chocoholic I was proud to support Godiva celebrate 90 years of chocolate making, Godiva isn't just any old chocolate brand - it's a legacy that will carry on for many years to come.