4 Motivational Tips For 2017

Staying fit doesn't just happen over night. Just like anything in life, you only get how ever much you are willing to put in. With the rise of Social Media and the digital age we are feeling more and more pressured to stay fit, eat healthy and join the health cult that London has to offer us. This year I decided instead of sitting on the sofa on a Sunday stalking all my favourite fitness bloggers/Instagram IT girls sinking into a depressed hole about how untoned & unhealthy I was, I decided to change my thought process.

Instagram, some may say is for 'stalking'.. but I disagree. It's a creative platform for people any age to express their creativity, personality and love for something they are genuinely interested in. This creates a huge pool for inspiration to people like me, that quite frankly need a bit of motivation to hit the gym..properly. Here are my top 4 lifestyle changes I made this year in order to stay fit/inspired in order to lead a healthy lifestyle, that hopefully will carry on throughout the year.


Start Saving Posts On Instagram  

I recently discovered this feature on Instagram, you will see a small button which looks like a book mark bottom left of the screen on each post, if you like the post- save it! I've started saving work out videos I like so that I have a bank of videos to look at in the gym for work out ideas!


Research Workouts Before You Go To The Gym

Don't just save Instagram posts like I do, do some research on YouTube as well! We live in a world where we have digital inspiration at our finger tips, so divulge yourself and use it to your best ability so you're not wondering round the gym like a lemon!


get smarter with money

As part of one of my new years resolutions, I decided that I want to get better with my money, pay of my credit card and actually start to budget for once as well as save my money. In order to do this, you really need to sit down and make a plan, write out your financial goals, your balances, your depts, your income and outgoings. In order to do this I use my own Excel spread sheet, but they're are also apps to help you budget like Money Dashboard.


Buy A Healthy Cook Book

This is vital if you want to keep up with healthy meal ideas (which is where I struggle). Sheerluxe, an online magazine I follow did a really good article on all the top healthy cook books that are out there at the moment read here. I actually bought the new Clean Eating Alice cook book and absolutely love it! I've cook 3 recipes out of it so far, and it's actually saving me a lot of money on buying lunches out.