Simple Changes You Should Make To Get That Summer Body You Want

Why am I switching things out?

I spent a lot of my December reading Joey Wicks cookbook & the Clean Eating Alice cookbook, both talk about moderation and how we shouldn't turn our nose up to healthy fats as these are essential in our diet. They also state that sugar is not the devil but it is digested differently to fat in a way that actually makes it worse for you so...I'm officially team fat as long as you keep a healthy weekly exercise regime you are fine. I've decided to switch 3 foods I eat a lot out of my diet and replace them with a healthy alternative. I decided to make these changes to help me on my journey to lead a healthier lifestyle, don't follow the same rules if you're after a 'skinny' physique, that's not my goal! Sexy not skinny...remember that.


I switched out dairy for COYO Yoghurts

I made the executive decision to switch my dairy yoghurts for COYO Yoghurts, COYO are a multi-award winning coconut yoghurt brand. I fell in love with all of the flavours instantly, my favourite being the salted caramel, this brand is the exact reason I tell people' healthy doesn't have to be boring'. Other than the incredibly creamy yoghurt, the story behind the brand is like something out of a movie, it really warmed my heart reading about it. The founder Henry Gosling actually grew up in Fiji (jell) amongst 6 siblings, part of his job at night was to help his family was to go and collect coconuts to use for dinner, one day in his early retirement in Fiji he decided to create his own Coconut Yoghurt brand which was allergen free, dairy free, free of soya, nut-free and contained no honey, after tasting the yoghurts it was really hard to believe this because they are just so DAM good. 


Switch out cows milk for Plenish Nut Milks

You may remember I did a Plenish Juice Cleanse a couple of years ago, they have now flourished as a brand and they have now brought out their own nut milks which will be soon to be seen in Sainsburys! I have started having the hazelnut milk in my coffee and I now mix it with my chocolate protein shake, which makes it taste like nutella!


Switch out butter for Coconut Oil

This might be my biggest switch and hardest.. they don't taste the same I'll give you that but at least Coconut Oil is a lot better for you than butter! I have noticed a difference to my energy levels as well. Coconut Oil cannot replace butter in every instance however, I understand that, but they're alternatives. I use to feel groggy after a jacket potato but now I use Olive Oil to replace the butter and it's absolutely fine and I don't slip into a food coma after lunch.