Supplements- let's talk about it!

Generally, as you may notice from my blog I like to lead a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy foods, regularly go to the gym and always keep my mind healthy and most importantly happy.  A few months ago I hit a bit of a wall, I was struggling to sleep, my anxiety was at an all time low and worst of all my hair was thinning from stress. I also struggled to get that morning burst of energy when I woke up that I usually get (I love the mornings) so I decided to research into dietary supplements.  Now, for many years I used to stick my nose up to supplements, I just thought they were for yummy mummy’s who had nothing better to seriously I did, but I eventually caved and decided to see what all the hype was about.


Before you jump to conclusion, ‘dietary supplements’ do NOT mean you can skip meals and just take the supplement, the supplement whatever it may be is there to enhance your diet and feed you the nutrients or vitamins you may be missing from your diet, if you skip meals in order to take these supplements you basically counteract the whole point of taking it because you’re then missing out more nutrients from skipping out eating food, so don’t be a fool, always eat your veggies kids. Before I started taking the supplements I asked myself 4 questions…



Why did I feel the need to take supplements?

My two main concerns at the time were my energy levels and my hair, I was eating healthily and going to the gym but I still had these concerns so I felt the need to try a different avenue. That’s when I started to research into supplements that really helped lift my energy and helped with hair growth, I was desperate if I’m honest with you, it’s amazing how much your hair can affect your every day mood/energy, I was getting so down about it as it had gotten really thin due to stress, I think for any woman their hair is part of their pride, and you don’t realize the knock it has on your confidence when you start noticing the thinning, it killed me inside a little I’m not going to lie and I cried a lot about it.


What supplements do I take?

I started off using direct supplements for the concerns I had through recommendations and research online I had done, so I took Zinc, Vitamin B- Complex, Vitamin A, Sea Kelp in tablet form to help with my hair growth, I think I noticed the biggest difference using the Vitamin A (for anyone who has hair concerns) and then I also starting drinking a dissolvable vitamin C tablet (similar to barocca) to help with my energy levels, this really helped my energy in the morning, I felt great. After about 3 months I wanted to try something new and that’s when I discovered RCVRY supplements a modern day supplement to help with people with ‘hectic lifestyle’ I tried out their D3 & Daily Boost supplements, the website looked great and the packaging was stunning so I had high hopes..but then again it could have been another marketing fad?



What did I think of RCVY Supplements

Each box of supplement contains a 30 day course which I was very excited to start. The packaging was divine, I don’t know whether it’s because I come from a marketing background but I seriously appreciate good packaging when I see it and this really pushed all the right buttons. The box itself is slick and easy to get into, there was also an information card inside to inform you of all the benefits of each supplement to educate you on what you are about to take (can we get a round of a applause for the RCVRY product development team please?). I decided to stop taking all of my other supplements in order to experience the true nature of the product and see if they actually worked.


Well, did they work?

Girls, I am not kidding you..when I say I noticed the difference within 24 hours, I did. The first day I took themI went to bed and had the best night sleep I’ve EVER had, my body felt rejuvenated & revived in the morning , I felt like me again, and that was the most important part. I bounced up at 7am to get ready for work and didn’t even need a coffee to waken me up, I felt like skipping to work the supplements had lifted my mood and my energy and seriously helped me sleep, I was super happy. I also felt like the supplements helped improve my skin and give me more of a glow, I just felt great overall and I am ridiculously happy with the results.


So what do I really think about supplements?

I love them and I actually wish I had start taking them sooner, however I have to state it takes a while before you find something that works for you so try a few different ones before you settle. If you’re concern if energy please, do me a favor and try the RCVRY supplements, I’d love to hear if you had the same experience as me, dm me on Instagram or leave me a comment below!



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