The Benefits Of Drinking Aloe Vera | Forever Skincare

Recently I've been feeling extremely lethargic and haven't been sleeping well so my skin hasn't been in the greatest of conditions, bearing in mind I usually get 8 hours sleep and get up at 5am most days to go to the gym, feeling lethargic...just is not my vibe! I missed bouncing out of bed. I actually think it might be jetlag still lingering around from when my trip to Thailand.

I had heard about Aloe Vera a lot working in the skincare industry and the amazing benefits it could have for your skin, but I had never heard about drinking the stuff. I decided to step out of comfort zone and pursue a 30-day trial by drinking a shot of Aloe Vera Gel from Forever Skincare.


Day 1

Day 1, I'm not going to lie, I was hungover. The bottle really doesn't have the same effect as the bottle in Alice in Wonderland but the reviews online were phenomenal so I thought 'suck it up bitch beauty is pain'. Baring in mind I was hungover, I was in search of a miracle gel, I felt instantly better just 5 minutes after taking the shot- first impressions, amazing. 


Day 30

By day 30, I felt more energized and refreshed. My skin definitely improved and my overall mood seemed better and more positive. The things I had read about aloe vera on the internet were proven to be correct.