The Henrietta Hotel Restaurant | Review


The other week I paid a visit to The Henrietta Hotel, a quirky little boutique hotel tucked away in Covent Garden. We ventured out on the snow day, so when we arrived it was a nice warm haven for us to nest for the afternoon while we watched the 'blizzard' pass by outside.

The first thing you notice when you walk into the restaurant is the exquisite interior it offers, the deep emerald velvet chairs and the delicious smell of the cooking food from the kitchen which is seen from the restaurant area. The lunch menu is somewhat adventurous, to put it lightly. We chose the vegetable broth to start, which consisted of boiled vegetables in a broth, this was small but punchy and full of flavour. For main we had the gnocchi, which I always find is a bit 'hit and miss' in restaurants even though it's a fairly simple dish to make, that sometimes makes it harder. The gnocchi was wonderful, and again full of flavour. You could really tell the chefs had put thought into each ingredient so that they all married up.

All in all, the lunch was very good and I would return. The staff were very friendly and the interior was beautiful, the whole restaurant was very well lit as well which obviously for a blogger is crucial to get good photos, so I appreciated that!


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