The Rooftop Bar in London you HAVE to visit! | citizenM


You're probably reading this because you're searching for a good rooftop bar to go to this weekend in London, am I right? Well, you're in safe hands here my friend because I have just the bar for you.

I used to google endlessly for rooftop spots in London, especially in the height of Summer or if I had a friend visiting town and I wanted to take them somewhere with spectacular views of London, but somewhere that had a good drinks menu without the extortionate London prices.

About a week ago I was invited to a hotel called citizenM, in Tower Hill. After some extensive research, I noticed these hotels were aimed at millennials like myself, trying to find the hottest spot in London to go for drinks. They brand themselves as 'Boutique affordable luxury hotels' which sounded righhhhht up my street.

I stopped by on a Wednesday evening, to discover a gorgeous cloudM bar nestled on the top floor of this hotel, right next to Tower Hill station, when I say next to- it was connected to the station, so you don't even have to walk far to find it! So handy.

Our evening was guided by the lovely cocktail barista at the East London Liquor Company who created x2 cocktails for us, a gin-based one and a demerara rum one. Some of the influencers we were with did a poll on Instagram to see which one everyone's followers preferred, funnily enough, the rum cocktail won- but I put this down looks, the gin-based one (although not a looker) tasted insane, and was my personal favorite! #TeamGin!

We were then allowed to go behind the bar and make the cocktails ourself which was fun! If you were following on my Instagram stories- you would have seen this live, we had such a blast.

The cocktails were sweet and light, exactly how I like them! After we made the cocktails we went into a meeting room where we had a presentation by the East London Liquor Company who spoke in detail about the distillation of gin and the other liquors they made, it was all very scientific but I managed to keep up, despite feeling slightly boozy after our cocktail making session!


After our cocktail making/taster session we mooched around the cloudM bar to discover it's gorgeous interiors, the design of the whole hotel really does make your jaw drop. My favourite area was the window next to the toilets which looked onto an outdoor moving art installation which was very impressive.

The cloudM bar has 360 panoramic views of London which were absolutely incredible, and if you're looking for the perfect Instagram shot to wow your followers, this is definitely the place to be. cloudM bar is open to the public all week, DM me on Instagram if you try it out, I'd love to hear your thoughts!