Anna Shearer

Hello!, my name is Anna, and I am a luxury Fashion, Beauty & Travel Blogger based in London. I started Le Fashion Fetish 7 years ago when I was studying Buying at The Fashion Retail Academy in London. From there I had the pleasure of working at Urban Outfitters and ASOS before I left to pursue my dream to blog.

I spend most of my days in London where I live now which really is the heart of my blog. I try and encompass everything I get up to in the smoke, onto my blog for you to see and try out!

From what started off as an experiment with my tripod in my back garden and my DSLR camera 7 years ago, I have gradually created a small haven I like to call Le Fashion Fetish. Have a look around and feel free to shoot me an email!

If you want to see more of me follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.