Tanning Tips For Achieving A REAL Tan On Holiday...

I recently had a good friend of mine that was diagnosed with skin cancer and it gave me a real scare, I love tanning on holiday and I am officially the sun worshiper, but boy did it make me think twice about laying out in the sun.

Not only does the sun make you age but it can have huge long term consequences if you don't protect your skin in the sun. I have been religiously doing my homework the last week to find the best tanning beauty products out there to help prevent any sun damage but still maintain a healthy glowing tan while you are abroad and this is what I came up with...




My personal favourite is the St.Ives Apricot Scrub from Boots it smells delicious and leaves your skin feeling unbelievably smooth. They do a body scrub and a face scrub, I usually lather this on a day or two before holiday to remove all the dead skin cells so by the time I lay in the sun on holiday it gives me an even tan all over, but make sure you don't exfoliate during your holiday or you will scrub off your tan!


The real secret to a tan that lasts (in my opinion anyway) is good skincare, the more moisture your skin holds the less chance it will dry out and flake off the tan (as horrible as that sounds). So invest in a good moisturiser and look after your skin, my favourite at the minute is The Body Shops new Hawaiian Kukui Cream.


During Your Holiday...

Invest in a good SPF

I used to roll my eyes every time my Mum would drone on at me on holiday to wear SPF, but as I have grown up I realise now that preventing skin damage is much easier than reversing it. I wear Chantecaille SPF 50 on my face and Esthederm's Sun Lotion everywhere else it's super norishing and works in a different way to SPF but still protects the skin. I may add on some tanning oil nearer the end of the holiday for an extra boost but shhh.

Apply After Sun

I tried out the Lancaster Tan Maximizer which is a fancy after sun (in my opinion) I purchased it at the airport before my holiday to Marbella recently. If I'm honest, it has a funny smell to it but 'it does what it says on the tin' and prolongs your tan for up to a month after tanning!

After Your Holiday..

It's quiet simple ...Moisturise! Again I love to use my new Body Shop Hawaiin Cream.



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