Canon Has Launched Something Exciting..

Travelling 'light' can be hard at the best of times, we are constantly seeking travel size beauty products, bags and other devices to fit into our carry on luggage and or suitcases. If there's one thing you should deffinitely pack this season, it's a good compact camera. That being said Canon have are launching their new Canon Powershot G9X Mark II in Febuary, an ideal camera for social media users. Keep your eye out in Feb as this camera is a 'must have' for bloggers like myself to help create beautiful content and high qaulity images for your travels, and if your a blogger- your blog posts! I think the biggest attraction to this camera (for me anyway) is that it produces high qaulity images in low light conditions, a constant struggle I have taking images, especially in Winter when it's dark!


Canon PowerShot G9X Mark II

(Launching in February)


-Video creator Kit

-High qaulity images, even when it's dark

-Image sensor 

-optical zoom

-Video feature

-Wifi & Bluetooth features