Jaguar XJR 575 | Review


This month, I went on possibly the most exciting trip I've ever been invited on with the blog in the 5 years I have had it, I went to Portgual with Jaguar (it was a real pinch me moment I'm not going to lie). Myself and my photographer Katie went there to drive the XF Sportbrake and the NEW XJR 575 which launched on the 25th October, so it is hot off the press. We drove for two days in alternating between 3 cars, the XF Sportbrake (petrol & diesel) and the new XJR 575 in a fiery blue colour.

I didn't know what to expect venturing on the trip as I have worked with car companies before however I had never been on a trip with one, I was sceptical to say the least. Well, after the weekend finish I was truly astonished as to how slickly the Jaguar team run their events, to put it lightly- it ran like a well oiled pun intended. We were met at each stop and the staff were extremely informative so we felt very comfortable, at the end of the day you are still in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of strangers, so to feel that security within the team made me feel relaxed and excited for the weekend ahead. 

It's funny because I was there essentially to promote the cars but I couldn't help document the whole trip as every restaurant, hotel, drive or member of staff we came across provided me with photo opportunity so I decided to blog/vlog the whole trip, because I don't think the Jaguar team realised just how incredible one of these press trips was for a blogger like myself and I felt extremely privaledged to be documenting it for them. If you haven't seen my YouTube video, click here to watch it.


What did I think of the XF Sportbrake?

The all wheel drive XF Sportbrake was the first car we started off with, we drove this back from the airport to the hotel and also on the morning of the 2nd day. It's a great car all round, it's stylish, comfortable and can hit speeds of 380HP & 150 mph.  I could not flaw it, my personal favourite feature of the car was the fact you could see your speed on the windscreen and it also states the speed limit of the area you are in but scanning the road signs and using satellite technology (clever eh). Theres also a optional cabin ionization system which filters the air and reduces pollutants entering the vehicle, which is great especially if you have a family. I personally really loved the interior inside the white leather one I had, it made the car seem alot bigger and the seats were very comfortable. There is also additional boot space which is great for travelling, did someone say road trip?


Other important features...

-Cost- starts from £72,450

-Engine- 1.7 Litres

-Keyless entry 

-Autonomous emergency braking

-360 surround camera

-1.6m Panoramic roof

-Speed 150mph



What did I think of the NEW XJR575?

On the 2nd day of the trip we got to try out the fiery blue XJR575 picture below, the car we'd been waiting for all weekend. This happened to be the fastest car in Jaguar XJ history. At the time we drove the car it hadn't actually launched, so driving it round the mountains and vineyards for two days in Portugal was quiet some experience and something neither myself or Katie will forget. The car instantly felt like a sports car inside, it was very different to the XF Sportbrake. Katie drove this car and she said it felt similar to drive however the power was phenomenal. The speakers were excellent, much better than my Ford Fiesta I have to say...Most things in the car were electric which was good and made it easy to operate. The car had a gorgeous grey suede interior, if you watch my vlog you will be able to see this. 


Other important features; 

-Speed- 186mph

-Surround sound speakers (825W)

-Keyless entry + soft door close

-Alloy wheels

-Unique interior styling....aka the seats are amazing!



Our Hotel- Monverde




The Drive