The May Fair Hotel Review

 Do you know what? After 4 years of nurturing and growing my blog, I am so proud of myself that I am now able to travel with it, the blogging world is a beautiful place and I've met so many amazing people and seen some amazing places along the way that I am forever grateful for this blog and all it has been able to do for me. With that being said, I was absolutly thrilled to be invited to none other than The May Fair Hotel, the official sponscor of London Fashion Week, now for a Fashion Blogger the words 'London Fashion Week' make my spine tingle with excitment. The hotel opened in 1927, that's over 90 years ago! But, incredibly, it's not one of those ornate hotels you see everywhere in London, it has a twist. 

I had seen The May Fair Hotel on Lydia Millens blog, and other similar bloggers- it was always a hotel I've wanted to visit in London. Did you know that The May Fair Hotel is also apart of the Positive Luxury group? Positive Luxury are a company who award the 'butterfly mark' to brands who pass an extensive annual assessment which proves your brand is sustainable, helping us save our planet step by step and educating our customers to shop in a more ethical manner. Positive Luxury have awarded this 'butterfly mark' to many brands such as Christian Dior, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton & Six Senses, an incredible company which houses many resorts around the world in exotic destinations. 

I had such an amazing stay with The May Fair Hotel I decided to break it down for you..


'Lets break it down'


The Hotel

Instantly when our uber pulled up, about 5 doorman rushed over to help with our suitcases and bags aswell as open our taxi door, we didn't have to lift a finger, tick. The concierge area was lovely and welcoming, we even saw a famous footballer player on our way in, tick. The front desk were very friendly and informed us we had actually been upgraded to a suite, another tick..doing well so far.

The Room

We were upgraded to a junior suite, this meant we had a bigger toilet with a bath and shower and a larger room with a sofa and lounge space, it was perfect. The toilet and the whole room in fact was made of white marble, a bloggers paradise, it was absolutely stunning. The shower had a strong running shower head, it made it impossible to actually get out of it because it was so nice. The shower even had a chair in it, in case you needed a rest the other half live eh!

The Restaurant

We had breakfast in The May Fair bar next to the concierge area, this was very light and pleasant. As it was bank holiday I had eggs benedict and a gorgeous pomegranate cocktail to pair with it, what better way to off my bank holiday Sunday off? We ordered french bread as well to finish off a perfect breakfast and off we went to enjoy our day.

The May Fair Spa

I had heard down the grape vine that The May Fair Spa was a hidden gem, hidden in the bottom floor tucked away, quietly, was a small but cosy haven for hotel guests to relax, the spa (although had no pool) consisted of a large shower, sauna, steam room, crushed ice (to cool off after your sauna) and a relaxation room with gorgeous heated beds, where you could sit and read a book and drink herbal tea. The spa was complimented with soft relaxing music and statues of Buddah everywhere, it was like we'd found a secret den away from the busy streets of London, but in the heart of the London, in the borough of Mayfair. 


But what did I really think?

I would 100% go back again, the location was FAB. The staff were extremely helpful and friendly, I  felt right at home, in fact we didn't want to leave come Monday! The hotel itself really is stunning, there are pieces of artwork dotted around the hotel and quirky statues everywhere putting it aside the typical ornate hotels in London you see everywhere, it's a modernised historic hotel which really adds a bit of 'flavour' to the borough of Mayfair and is definitely somewhere you want to check out while you are in town. 


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