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For the record, I am not doing Veganuary no. In fact, I have a crazy Auntie who's vegan and it simply put me off going vegan for life because she even refused to sit on our leather sofas. So no, I am not going vegan, however, I am a lot more aware of what foods I am eating this year and what I am putting into my body so I decided to visit the fabulous NEW High Mood Food cafe next to Selfridges in central London. I actually know Joey who is a partner of High Mood Food, I had known that Joey was in the final of Master Chef a couple of years ago so I knew the food was going to be outstanding and not just any ordinary cafe. As we arrived they were packing up the lunches for Burberry Head Office, I suddenly felt like we were stepping into the coolest hang out in London...!

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What is High Mood Food?

High Mood Food is a new artisanal café that focuses on energising and immune boosting food. In a nutshell, it’s 'mood food' that nourishes both the brain and the gut- sound's great eh? They have an incredibly healthy menu which has things like their signature bulletproof coffee which has Cru coffee & coconut oil with grassfed butter in it! High Mood Food’s normal coffee is amazing but I had just been to the gym so I opted for an uber healthy Matcha latte, which was actually deliciously creamy.

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Well, What's The Food Like?

I know when you first read this post you will be questioning whether the food is actually decent and doesn't just taste of soil, right? Well, I can confirm, with my eyewitness Emily Hunt that the food was ridiculously tasty and filling. Eating the breakfast at High Mood Food felt like a treat more than anything which is exactly what I've always preached to my friends who loathed going on diets or health kicks with me. If you make eating healthy tasty and nutritious you can create a guilt-free lifestyle that you will actually stick to!

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What Did I Have To Eat?

I had a 'build your own' breakfast bowl which consisted of homemade  with lots of different toppings, of which included a homemade plumb compote, seeds, nuts & any many more healthy toppings I also had a Matcha Latte to pair with it. Joey actually made the bowl herself for me, and made sure it was 'extra Instagrammable' (ha ha). Considering it was a bowl of  'health' if you wish, it was the tastiest breakfast I've ever devoured and was simply delicious. I also tried the If you're ever in the area or near Selfridges pop over to Duke Street and grab a bite to eat! They offer a great lunch time buffet style menu too which I found myself eyeballing up as I left the cafe.


Keep a look out on my YouTube channel for my vlog which features High Mood Food!

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