5 Tips For An Easy House Move | AD


1. Save well before the move-in date

This is something that was definitely a lesson learnt and that I will take into account for next time. When you move there are lot’s of costs to take into consideration, deposits, moving costs, insurance, rent. Reality check – your expense travail is not over till it’s over.

Transferring to  a new home requires a great deal of money and a home transfer savings should be in the works.

Make a separate savings plan for your move and determine how much you need to come up with. If the projected expense is high, you may need to work up on a few extra income streams.

2. Make a ‘home transfer’ budget

Creating a budget for your home transfer allows you a view of how much you really realistically need, it also allows you some frugality so you have budget else where as moving is a costly process. Most importantly, creating a budget allows you to think about how much you need to save up and until when.

To help you guys I have a £10 off code to use with Fantastic Services all you have to do is sign up for an account here and use the code ‘lefashionfetish’ to get £10 off your first service. Looking at your budget helps you make important decisions on what to do to pull all these things together in time.

3. Hire A Removal Company– A crucial cost

A moving rental service is a chief expense when transferring to a new home. Although you can borrow trucks and vans and ask friends to help with the move, this only really works for simple transfer loads or home move-ins that are gradual over time in my opinion. I used Fantastic Services to help me move from Marlow to London and they were simply brilliant. They turned up on time, they packed my stuff into the van carefully and securely within 10 minutes and were at the property an hour later, the entire moving process took no longer than 2 hours - I was shocked at how smoothly it went! Fantastic Services offer same day appointments which is amazing and super handy if you need to move in a hurry or unexpectedly. The team are also insured, vetted and uniformed so you feel you are in safe hands! The reason we decided to go with the removal service was because we had no lift in my new apartment and it would of been too difficult to carry everything up ourselves, hiring Fantastic Services honestly was the best decision I made with our move to London I can’t recommend them enough.


4. Packing household stuff

This was a process I wanted to do gradually, having a very busy schedule meant I had very little time to pack so I packed over a number of weeks slowly into boxes and bags and left them in my office downstairs by the door for the removal men. I prefer to pack everything myself, that way I can mark the boxes and know where everything is. If you mark which room each box is meant to go to the Fantastic Service team can move the boxes into the correct rooms for you to ensure a seamless unpacking strategy.


5. Save on packaging costs

Buying big boxes for your household stuff can be costly too. I love using Amazon to scope out great bargains, you can buy bulk packs of boxes on there. alternatively Fantastic Services can bring you spare boxes if needs be. You can also grab things like bubble wraps for fragile items, packaging papers, duct tapes, packaging seals, labels and other essentials for a very low cost on Amazon.

Are you moving soon or looking for some help with your home?

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