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Okay, so technically, the title of this blog post should be ‘How to make your flat a home…’ as I have just moved into a flat in Chelsea, London, not a house! I wish. Exactly 1 week ago I moved into my dream flat, and when I say dream- I really mean it. I’ve have so many ‘pinch me’ moments over the last few months that this really topped it off for me.

I have moved in with my boyfriend and we couldn’t be happier, I’ve spent the last 7 days well and truly nesting, making our ‘house a home’. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about moving house, it costs double what you think it will and takes twice as long to find the perfect pad- so brace yourselves, it’s a journey.

For my new flat I wanted to keep to a very minimalistic interior, hand selecting every piece of furniture so it really felt like ‘home’. I decided to get the majority of the furniture from a brand I’ve loved and cherished for years. I have tonnes of home accessories already including marble ice cubes, a cocktail shaker and some lovely wine glasses to name a few.


Create an office you love

My first priority was to choose a new desk, now, one may think this would be the easy option- but actually, when you work from home, it quickly became one of the most important decisions of all the furniture we ordered! Your desk (if you work from home) has to be comfortable, big enough, practical and most importantly it has to look beautiful (especially for an Instagrammer like myself). I fell in love with this marble desk on although it lacks storage, I had storage in my old desk at home and all I stored anything in it was old receipts and rubbish so it actually taught me how to be more of a minimalist! Ha.


Choose The Perfect Sofa

We moved in a lot quicker than anticipated so it was a bit of a rush to get all the furniture in time. We had 3 days without a sofa and it felt very strange to say the least! The sofa (for me anyway) really is, the heart of the home. Without a sofa the flat felt bare and cold and not homely at all- in fact I felt homesick at times within the first 3 days. As soon as it was delivered, me and my boyfriend both looked at each other with the same sigh of relief, I think the first thing we did was cosy up on it and turn on Netflix ha!

We opted for the most stunning bright blue velvet L shaped sofa and it couldn’t be more perfect. It’s extremely comfortable and everyone that comes over loves it! It really is the heart of our home and it fits like a glove in our living room. It actually fits 4 people, but with 2 it’s more than enough room! We love it.


Make Your Home Smell Good

Candles and air diffusers, need I say more. I’d say I’m a professional collector of candles, I actually have a candle draw in my office, as I always have one burning either in my office in the day, or in the living room at night when we’re ‘cosied’ up on the sofa. We got our diffuser from Rituals, it looks more like a genie bottle than anything, but it makes the flat smell like heaven!


Select Pieces That Steal The Show

In any home, there’s always the show ponies, the show stealers, the pieces of furniture everyone walks into your home and says ‘wow, where is that from’. Naturally, I’m a show off, so I opted for one of’s red accent chairs for my office. I am fully aware this chair won’t be used to be sat on, instead it will probably have clothes thrown over it half the time and serve its purpose that way, and I love that.


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